Christian Music Festival

CMF exists to take the Gospel of Salvation to the nations (Math 24:14).

It is more than an event or entertainment it is a tool allowing the Gospel of Christ to be shared. One man or denomination does not lead CMF but it belongs to all believers.

Every event has a choir of at least 100 to 500 young people from every denomination love to worship.

May the Holy Spirits move strongly and throught this event the Gospel will be share to all nation. Amen!

What is CMF?

CMF is family

CMF is colourful

CMF is a movement

CMF is gospel centred

CMF brings hope to the world

What is the purpose of CMF?

To work in unity with all churches

John 17:22

To bring people to Christ

I Timothy 2:4

To minister healing to the sick

Matthew 4:24

To praise and worship together

Psalm 150

To bring revival fire by the power of the Holy Spirit

Acts 2

To pray for the nations

II Chronicles 7:14

What does CMF value?

  • A life of sacrifice and dedication
  • A life of obedience and humility
  • A life of unity and co-operation

What are the CMF foundations?

  • CMF believes in the authority of the bible
  • CMF is Christ centred
  • CMF believes in the pre-eminence of love


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